My name is Diane Holmes and I am a first time granny who would do anything to hold, cuddle, hug and kiss my first time grandchild – a little girl – but because of circumstance so far I have not been able to do so.

Then recently a wonderful idea occurred to me! Why not write a story based on my beloved little cat Pooky and her experiences of going from being a mountain cat to a cat living and sailing on a boat as a gift for my little one?

The story soon turned into a book with illustrations and then it occurred to me others may enjoy reading this story to their little ones too! Now it looks very possible the one book will lead to a few more books and so the children’s book series, Cat under Sail is being born – and growing just like my little granddaughter.


The story’s written with grandchildren in mind, but will appeal to the inner child in all of us. I also specifically used the word “grandchild” in the story so as not to exclude grandsons who are after all just as wonderful and precious as granddaughters!

Here is an excerpt from my book:

Written and illustrated by Diane Holmes

Written and illustrated by Diane Holmes

Cat under Sail, Book No.1: In the Very, Very Beginning Available from Amazon for $2.99 exclusive of VAT. which means the author’s listed price may  differ from country to country.

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P.S. I am using free, open source software programs to create the first book of the Cat under Sail series having had no formal training. I would love to introduce these programs to you and hopefully inspire you to create your own books!


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Ouma, you can’t believe how much this means to us. Love you! Wonderful writing and pics. Can’t wait for you to read it to her xx

    1. Hello my Love! Can’t tell you how happy I am the very fist like on Cat under Sail came from you! Mmmwwwwhaa! Thank you for all your support my Love. Wow! The thought of me getting to read Cat under Sail to the little one!! Awesome! XXX

    1. Hey Lee! Do you want an island with your face on? Send me a photo of your face and I’ll make an island for you. I’m using James email right now – james-at-adev.com. X

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